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  • Your makeup needs are safe in our hands.

Makeupology - The Study of Makeup.

Your makeup needs are safe in our hands. Discover

Makeupology takes safe precautions for you during Covid-19

We here at Makeupology want you to feel safe during these uncertain times. We are certified in the Barbicide standard and Covid-19 safety certifications. We also only have a few people handling the makeup in a temperature controlled environment. When we pack your goods we are masked and gloved up. We make sure our initial shipments sit for at least 1 week before we inventory and upload to our website for your safety. Thank you for supporting our brand and stay safe out there.


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How We Stay Affordable

We want everyone to have the opportunity to be fabulous without blowing your budget. Keeping our prices affordable for YOU is our top priority. So how do we do it? For us, it starts with the branding. You may notice we don't "hot stamp" our logo into each product. By not doing that we can share the wealth with you! Additionally to keep our costs low and give you discount pricing, we only accept returns on items damaged during shipping.


I am so grateful for Lisa and her expertise in makeup, hair, and fashion. Lisa is so personable and passionate about her craft. She doesn't just apply the make-up, she walks you through the process so that you are comfortable every step of the way. She is the ultimate makeup artist and knows how to make you feel and look your best.


I've been in the television news business for nearly 2 decades, and Lisa Astute is by far the best makeup artist I've worked with throughout my career. The change in my on-air appearance is amazing. It's night and day. I can attest that Lisa is the consultant to take television talent to the next level. 

Amanda S

I was skeptical to say the least at first, but I had a friend who'd worked with Lisa before me and said I'd be stupid if I didn't. My friend was right. Lisa helped change my look for the better. I constantly text or call Lisa to help me with make-up, which clothes go with what and with my haircuts along the way. She really is a great resource to have in your corner.

Sean M