"I am so grateful for Lisa and her expertise in makeup, hair, and fashion. I met her when I was applying for a news reporter position for a station in Burlington, Vermont. She did my makeup for my demo reel and it was amazing. Simply put, her experience, artistry, and talent brought out my confidence on camera and helped me land my first job in TV news. Lisa is so personable and passionate about her craft. She doesn't just apply the make-up, she walks you through the process so that you are comfortable every step of the way. What I love about her is she can take one look at you and know exactly which colors and shadows to use. She has an outstanding eye and an amazing ability to blend, contour, conceal, and revitalize the skin. She made me feel so pretty, I couldn't stop smiling. Her products are luxurious and long-lasting. In fact, in my first session, I ended up replenishing most of my makeup with her products. I have loved having Lisa in my life. She is the ultimate makeup artist and knows how to make you feel and look your best."

- Jolie

"I've been in the television news business for nearly 2 decades, and Lisa Astute is by far the best makeup artist I've worked with throughout my career. The change in my on-air appearance is amazing. It's night and day. 
Lisa does not limit her client consultation to the initial session. We continue to stay in touch and continue to work together. She is always available should I have any questions. Not to mention that we have a lot of fun. On-appearance and performance is a big part in the TV broadcast industry. I can attest that Lisa is the consultant to take television talent to the next level."

- Amanda S

"I was skeptical to say the least at first, but I had a friend who'd worked with Lisa before me and said I'd be stupid if I didn't.  My friend was right. Lisa helped change my look for the better. My hair is younger, more current. My makeup looks like I get it professionally done.  And I'm building my new wardrobe with every new purchase she helps me make. The initial consulting appointment was just the start. I constantly text or call Lisa to help me with make-up, which clothes go with what and with my haircuts along the way. She really is a great resource to have in your corner. Everyone in my newsroom has noticed the change and complimented it. Viewers have as well. You can't go wrong with Lisa's help!"

- Sean M


“Before, After! I feel fabulous! My look before was cute and young. Now I’m more polished and powerful! I’m ready to deliver news with a fierce new look! Lisa was amazing! She taught me how to do this look on my own. Her consultation was excellent and I learned a lot!” 

- Megan L


 When my agent suggested going to Lisa, I was excited. I know I'm no fashionista so I know this was a must needed partnership. 

 Lisa was blunt in her assessment of my wardrobe. While my clothes weren't bad, they weren't good either. She told me sports guys needed to wear brighter color clothes and "pop" on screen. Having said this, I was really nervous that I'd have to throw everything out. However that wasn't the case. Turns out, I had good clothes but I needed to match them differently. 

 I admit, I didn't understand what Lisa was doing but I went along with it. Whenever I'm on camera, I look good and that makes me feel good. Whenever I wear one of her combos, I get compliments and it is awesome. 

 She also helped me with my make up too. I have a round face, so Lisa helped me get it to look a little more angular. 

 One last thing. A lot of fashion consultants want you to buy a lot of new clothes. Lisa is no exception. However, she respected my budget and also respected when I told her, I really didn't need something.

 So as you can see, I can't say enough good things about Lisa. She is worth every penny.

 -Mike L

"Only one way to say this: Lisa is amazing! I'm like the biggest skeptic ever when it comes to image consultants choosing a look for me, but trust me, Lisa knows her stuff. She took me from 'local to network' in just one session. I truly didn't believe she could teach me how to do my own makeup, but I'm a believer now!  I constantly get compliments on my makeup and hair now. She's the best in the business. Hire her!"

-Joy R