A Fun Q&A Game with Makeupology's Lisa Glickoff

A Fun Q&A Game with Makeupology's Lisa Glickoff

This is a fun question and answer game. Feel free to leave your own answers in the comments section.

A matte dark navy liquid lipstick or a glossy YLBB (your lips but better) shade?

Either but for a dark shade like that be sure to have big hair and a nice tan!!! Oh by the way very little on the rest of the face

[Lisa's response here] well it may not be a dark navy but it is a matte dark turquoise liquid lip called emerald city! Be sure to follow the yellow brick road to find it 

Sugar lip scrubs: yes or no?


[Lisa's response here] exfoliating is the key to younger Healthy skin
After you finish make sure to try our lip base lite to neutralize your lip color allowing any lipstick a neutral palette to adhere to!!

Sticky or non-sticky gloss?

Sticky if you like your hair to stick to it! Non sticky for everything else!! 

  [Lisa's response here]  be sure to try our lip glosses for the perfect staying power that allows hair to stay in place!!

Frosty lipstick or frosty lipgloss?

  [Lisa's response here]  hmmm if you have a dark tan and light hair either but trying to achieve a soft look with frosty shades be careful not to look like frosty the snowman - try our angel liquid lip color- yes you get a perfect frosty angelic glow!! Good for all skin and skin tones 

’90s-style brown matte lips or a an early 2000s glossy lip?

Well I rocked a dark burgundy brown in 95 but for the not so dramatic try a 2000’s glossy in 

[Lisa's response here] simplicity this lipstick gives you a shine and hydration and it is the perfect early 2000’s shade good for all skin and skin tones 

Overnight lip masks: splurge or skip?


What better fun then a girls night for a coupleBucks??? 
[Lisa's response here] try our vitamin c lip treatment for the perfect fix!!

Do you tend to wear “safe” lip combos you know well, or do you prefer edgier, more editorial lip looks?


Night on the town do edgy and interview try editorial: 
[Lisa's response here] for an edgy lip try our fuschia makeup liquid lip color/ edgy but looks amazing on all!!!!
For the editorial lip try our lipstick in gotcha! The perfect pink for all skin and skin tones!!

Lip plumping glosses that tingle: yes or no?

Heck yes-

Bring on the juvederm without the pain and try our amazing dynomint lip gloss!! Sheer with a little sparkle and a lot of mint woo hoo 

Pick one: lipstick only, lipstick with gloss on top, or lipgloss only?

[Lisa's response here] lipstick 
Staying power long lasting has a slight sheer and does both hydrate and give that wow factor! Be sure to try our raisin lipstick the perfect red for all with that glossy feel!!!!

Lip brushes: yes or no? To obtain perfect lip lines and not waste a drop-yes

Get to the bottom of your tube!! 
[Lisa's response here] be sure to try our lip brush for the perfect application- fits to the bottom of the tube too!!!

Sunscreen lip balm: give it to me, or no thanks?

In the pool or on the boat then heck yes! But if you want to wear your lipstick with it

it might bleed 🩸 so be sure to have an ice cream in your hand to explain the red all over your face [Lisa's response here]Which of these have you finished down to the last drop: lipstick, lipgloss or lip liner?Lipgloss all day long!!!!  Be sure to try our tangerine lip gloss for the perfect beach lip 
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