Makeup Trends for 2021

Makeup Trends for 2021

I think we can all agree that 2020 is a year to forget! It's been a challenging one, but now that we're all able to look glamourous and go out again, it's time to look at the top Makeup Trends for 2021.

Remember, you can choose your own makeup adventure on any day, so take these trends as they come... they don't have to become your go-to makeup regimen.

List is taken from Harper's Bazaar:

1. Expressive Eyes

As long as face masks continue to remain incredibly important to wear, beauty fans will adapt by pulling out all the stops with eye makeup.

2. Expressive Eyes

It might be time to finally master the art of popping on a pair of false eyelashes, too.

3. Nostalgic Makeup

Everything is also really nostalgic right now.

4. Natural Foundation

Full-coverage foundation is not going anywhere!

5. Uplifting Color

Color has such power to uplift us.


One of the biggest trends of the year for makeup will be shopping for smaller brands. Makeupology is excited for you to shop our store and see some of the beautiful new products we have in stock!

Overall, the Summer of 2021 is going to be great. We're all excited to get back out on the town for fun weekend nights! Use your makeup to improve your inner glow too! 

Look gorgeous!


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