Makeup for 2020

Makeup for 2020

This year has really taken us by surprise. I never thought that in the year 2020 the last thing you would see was my amazing lipstick that I had on that was hidden by a mask. 

As with anything I believe that we must change with our changing times and adapt. While I still love makeup and teaching makeup, the way we do it is different, at least for now. 

Not only do we have virtual doctors appointments but virtual makeup lessons. Ironically I have been offering virtual makeup lessons for years for my clients across the globe. I feel like I was a step ahead of the game on that. 

What I have realized is that no matter what happens, beauty will always be around masks or not. 

Until my next blog post, I wish all of you health and by all means some fun in this world today.

Stay safe and when it comes to makeup, life is better in color.




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