About Us

Our Mission

Makeupology was created so that every consumer can access quality makeup at affordable prices. We have colors that work on everyone and that have the ability to truly transform ones self! Life is better in color and so is makeup!

Our Vision

To help every person who has ever felt less than beautiful, even if for a moment, to achieve the feeling of inner greatness done by achieving outer confidence! Life is better in color and so is makeup!

Our Creator

Lisa Glickoff of Michigan created Makeupology with all people in mind. Lisa Glickoff is the owner of Makeupology and the Co-Owner of Astute Artistry LLC/DSDT. As someone who has used hundreds of brands on her celebrity clients over the years, Glickoff has realized that all makeup is good and there are benefits to each and every product that is out there. The consumer should feel fabulous whether that lipstick was $5 or $35! Makeupology is here to give variety and affordability to every person who wants to try something new, something fun, and something different! Glickoff's experience spans over 2 decades in the cosmetic industry. From celebrity clients to representing dozens of skincare and cosmetic lines, her expertise speaks for itself. Glickoff is also a licensed esthetician. Glickoff's main goal was to create a makeup line that is colorful, fun, and affordable. Glickoff's main goal is to help every person try color without being afraid - she truly believes life is better in color and so is makeup!



During the pandemic we’ve taken extra precaution and want you to feel safe during these uncertain times. We are certified in the Barbicide standard and Covid-19 safety certifications, and our certificates can be found below. We also only have a few people handling the makeup in a temperature controlled environment. When we pack your goods we are masked and gloved up. We make sure our initial shipments sit for at least 1 week before we inventory and upload to our website for your safety. Thank you for supporting our brand and stay safe out there.